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Photography consciously became involved by accident. According to family tradition, sought to get to the New earth. Father, mother, brother (died 1948), sister, later I, wife and son - all there in different times have served, lived, and even were born. Lucky and in 1980 I was on the Novaya Zemlya nuclear test site ( 1980-83 and 1986-80) lip Belushya, article of decoration.communication Orbit. The uniqueness of the place and events pushed me to a serious waste-from the first payday I bought a camera Zenit TTL for 240 rubles with Olympic symbols. There were no others . It was strictly forbidden to shoot in the garrison, so my first photos of the stage of mastering technology were limited to feasts. Dump, birthdays, registration and other celebrations on the calendar-these photos I have a lot. Later attempts at portraits, they served their purpose in creating a group of new earth signalers from Orbit on one of the Internet resources.

       In 1983 I worked IN the Institute Impulse, visited a photo exhibition in the dining room of the Institute. The author-Vladimir Ermolaev, infected me with "white envy" to people who know how to interpret reality. This "unhealthy" feeling led me to the photo Studio Search (there were then at different times three or four more, some I visited), headed by Yuri Fedorovich Shpagin.  A legendary photographer and a wonderful teacher by nature. Tough and honest, he shook my mind, made me look at my work the same way, taught me to read and understand photography. Not just me. He created a school of photographers .        2014-2015 later, I learned that in the Studio, Jazz-photo by Vladimir Ermolaev going Amateurs shpaginskogo sense. So I became a member of the Studio Ermolaeva. The basic quality of the Studio-following spalinski through in the pictures. Ie-free fashion, or poetry. Photography is out of fashion and out of time. Understanding the meaning in photography of form, internal movement in composition. I am an Amateur photographer and very happy with this status. At the root of the name is the whole point-since 1980 I love photography. Favorite genres were dictated by life and curiosity. Still lifes, genre photography. The first does not require a model and Studio, the second-too, you just need to watch. Participating in exhibitions is not often, however, in what has been a modest success.

Educational institution: Gorky Polytechnic Institute.A. A. Zhdanova

Faculty of radio electronics and technical Cybernetics 1979g

Silver medal in the competition Siberian success in the group from the Search (1985?)

Winner of Interfax theme Smoke and heat ,(2010).

Winner of the international competition Fotumart 2012 (still Life)Voronezh,

Winner of the competition The Best of Russia 2014(free theme, such work),

Finalist of the Volga Biennale 2016 (series Simple family),

Winner of the competition SFHR (Union of photographers of the Russian Federation) 2017 about dogs, etc.

The winner of the international competition of Colors of Humanity 2018.

Finalist for FRIEND-SHIP PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD en / 30 of 4000 (58 countries)exhibition in London and the house of Commons